Carolin Wood continues to explore the use of artifacts as a vehicle of human connections to places and occurrences, and the role of feminine energy as a major force in community-keeping.

Working with painting, sculpture, and collage, her art is strongly influenced by the matriarchal presence of her late grandmother and the nurturing natural surroundings of her childhood in rural Ohio. She creates in the early mornings before tending to her work as a gardener for New York City Parks.

Carolin earned her Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) in Sculpture from Queens College. She relocated from Brooklyn to Rockaway to be closer to nature and the ocean. The move was part of her continuous learning and unlearning, working through her experiences as a woman who has experienced and survived both the foster care system and domestic violence. She navigates this growth process through her sketchbooks and photo collaging, turning to the medium’s immediacy, approachability, and flexibility.

A single mother and a native Ohioan farm girl at heart, she considers her two children as her biggest inspirations and muses.